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Top 5 Best Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small Bathroom

Does the thought of renovating a small bathroom overwhelm you? Worry not, as we have got you covered. We have rounded up the top five best remodeling ideas for small bathrooms and Custom Bath Remodeling to help you make the most out of your limited area.

Top 5 Best Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms

From removing the tub to introducing natural light, and creating a visually appealing design, we have compiled it all. Add some color and spice up your space with these tips and tricks to create a beautiful, functional bathroom that you will love. So, let’s dive into our proven solutions to instantly transform your small bathroom into a comfortable and stylish sanctuary.

1 – Bye Bye, Bathtub

If you’re revamping your small bathroom, it may be time to bid farewell to the bathtub. Removing a bulky bathtub makes way for a more spacious and modern bathroom, and it frees up extra space for other design features. You can opt for a chic half bath with trendy gold plumbing and a sleek countertop vessel sink paired with a matching faucet. Alternatively, you can modernize your bathroom with a freestanding tub, and cleaner lighting for a more practical look. For a nostalgic twist, use enduring pink and blue color trends on the walls or add a modern vanity mirror for a brighter and modernized look. A bathroom remodel can cost around $1,500, but it’s worth it. With a few design choices, you can make the most of the small space without sacrificing style.

2 – I Can See Clearly Now

A popular idea for small bathroom remodeling is to upgrade the hardware, such as plumbing and the mirror. Opt for modern gold fixtures and a chic vanity mirror to create a trendy look that’s both stylish and functional. Additionally, small bathroom remodeling can be done on a tight budget of approximately $2,000 while still making smart and stylish upgrades. Replacing dated fixtures and flooring with more modern, functional options is another great option, especially for a young family. Another option is to swap out the old tub and fixtures in favor of a sleek, modern freestanding tub and lighter tiles. Lastly, adding black window panels can add a clean contrast that complements the white decor of the small bathroom.

3 – Get Niche With Design

When it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, every inch counts. A great way to save space and add a touch of elegance to your bathroom is by installing a compact tub that uses minimal space. Additionally, try utilizing space-saving designs that pack a punch, such as mirrors with hidden storage or a floating sink with a narrow faucet.

If you’re looking for a trendy small half bath, consider installing chic gold plumbing and modern fixtures. Another space-saving alternative to traditional bathtubs is the smaller free-standing slipper tub. To avoid bulky bathtub surrounds that take up extra space, opt for a freestanding tub on an elevated platform, which will make the room feel more spacious. By getting niche with your design choices, you can transform your small bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis.

4 – Keep It Light

Lightening up a small bathroom with light colors and wood finishes will create an illusion of spaciousness. For a chic look, add trendy gold plumbing and modern lighting fixtures. You can also save space by installing a small sink, such as a wall-mounted miniature version. To maintain the sense of openness, try using privacy film instead of curtains, adding wall shelves, and using a countertop for a small sink. Using a proportionate vanity mirror at a better height can also brighten up the room. With these ideas in mind, you can transform your small bathroom into a perfect space!

5 – Color Is Your Friend

When it comes to small bathrooms, choosing the right colors can make a huge difference. Stick to a monochromatic palette to make the bathroom feel more spacious, and add color, texture, and pattern with accessories if you want to jazz things up. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors that reflect natural and artificial light, making the room feel warmer and more open. In particular, light and bright colors such as soft mint green can help to reflect natural light from windows, giving the bathroom a warm and serene atmosphere. For something a little different, consider combining white bathroom tiles with black grouting for a striking look that can really make your small bathroom stand out. Additionally, use task-specific and ambient lighting to make the space look more polished and highlights the beauty of the bathroom.

Transform Your Space with These Ideas

Small bathrooms can be challenging, but don’t let the limited space hold you back from creating a stylish and sophisticated oasis. Remodeling your small bathroom can also boost your home value, making it a win-win situation. Start by utilizing smart solutions and chic accessories in clever ways to create the illusion of more space. You can also consider changing the layout of your bathroom to maximize the limited space, but always hire a professional to avoid DIY disasters. Creative design techniques, such as using light colors and a pedestal sink, can also make your small bathroom feel larger. Another excellent upgrade for a small bathroom is switching from a shower curtain to a glass enclosure, as it reflects light and tricks the mind into thinking there is more space. Don’t let the size of your bathroom limit your creativity – transform your space with these top 5 remodeling ideas for small bathrooms.


With these top 5 best remodel ideas for small bathrooms, you can transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing and functional area. Say goodbye to that cumbersome bathtub and keep things simple by adding a clear glass shower or a pedestal sink. Niche design allows you to make use of every inch of space, from wall-mounted cabinets to built-in shower shelving. Keep your bathroom bright and airy by embracing natural light and adding light colors. And, don’t be afraid to be bold with color – accent walls, colorful fixtures, and patterned tile can really make a statement in a small space. Try these ideas for yourself and transform your small bathroom into a sanctuary.

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